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Ford to Focus on Greener Cars

It looks like the big truck and SUV craze that was popular a few years ago is slowly diminishing thanks to rising gas prices and consumer disinterest.

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Car manufacturers like Ford are feeling the heat to produce more eco-friendly vehicles, so that is why the company has decided to add six small European vehicles to its U.S. lineup.

Other green initiatives

Not only is Ford going to produce smaller vehicles, but it’s also going to start using truck and SUV plants in the U.S. to produce smaller cars and vehicles with four-cylinder engines.

ford escape hybrid

And by the year 2009, production of Ford hybrids will double.

This is all due to the $8.7 billion loss the company experienced last quarter. By making this move Ford hopes to gain profitability and popularity again.

Here’s the entire article.

It may take more than a year to do this, but we hope that green vehicles continue to dominate the future plans of car companies.

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