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How to Green Your Bathroom

Not everyone can afford to have designer hand towels, gold-plated soap dispensers and other outrageously priced items in their bathroom, but most people can afford to live an eco-lifestyle with a bathroom that’s appealing to the eye and light on the wallet.

For all you green shoppers out there, I’ve compiled a list of accessories that you can purchase to help make your bathroom the environmentally-savvy place you always wanted it to be. And once you start in the bathroom, you won’t want to stop greening your other rooms!



Towels should be tough enough to soak up water and keep you dry, soft enough to protect your skin and attractive enough to add some flare to the bathroom. Check these out:

Organic Cotton



shower curtain

Shower Curtains

Instead of getting a cheap shower liner, or an expensive name-brand curtain from a large department store, you can find an eco-friendly shower curtain that fits your needs. From organic cotton to recycled plastic, here are some of my favorites:

bath mat

Bath Mats

Keep your feet dry and the environment safe with these bath mats:

soap dish

Soap Dishes/Dispensers

Here are some cool recycled glass soap dishes and dispensers:

Toothbrush Holder

This 100% recycled glass toothbrush holder can also be used to store other things:

Shower Caddy

You can store your shampoo and soap on this:

Toilet Brush

Yes, you still need to clean your toilet, no matter how gross it is! You can use this:

ducky loofah

Just Because You Can

Above, I listed the basic accessories needed in a bathroom. Now, here are some other cool green bathroom accessories that would also be fun to own:

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your entire home, so you want to make sure that it looks good and sends a message that you care about the environment.

It’s okay if all of your accessories don’t match, because as long as they’re all natural and sustainable, that will be enough to catch anyone’s eye!

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