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The Practical Way to Ride a Bike

Ever feel like taking your bicycle out for a spin, but don’t know where you will stow your cargo?

It’s easy to understand how an errand like grocery shopping could warrant the use of a car; where would you stash all of your goods on a bike?

One man has a clever solution for you: CETMAracks.

cetma bike rack

CETMAracks are steel bicycle racks that are placed on the front end of your bike for ultimate stability to carry large quantities or a sizeable load with ease. They are handmade and come in 3, 5, or 7 rail racks. The CETMAracks are extremely functional, allowing you to ride your bicycle with numerous pounds of stuff!

The racks are powder coated, which is a ‘dry-paint’ process of coating metal and is more durable than paint and less toxic; however they are available in uncoated at your request.

cetma racks logo

If purchasing a CETMArack gets you to use your bicycle a little more often, then think of all of the money you will save each month on gas and car maintenance! Think of how much less pollution your car will release into the air by relying on your bike a little bit more.

Check out CETMAracks at!

Cycling weather is upon us. What better time than the present to make such a worthwhile purchase that builds your muscles, saves you money, and helps save the planet!

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