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The Story of Stuff

Do you have 20 minutes to spare? What if I told you that those 20 minutes might change your entire way of thinking and living?

Take a break from your studies. Shut off your television. Sit comfortably at your computer chair and visit the website

The 20 minute online film called ‘The Story of Stuff’ is a comprehensive, fast-paced, semi-animated explanation of how the stuff you use in your daily life runs its course. In other words, the story about the life of your favorite appliance, piece of clothing, etc., from its creation to its destruction.

story of stuff

Where does your pair of sunglasses originate? What happens to most of our world’s soda cans after we drink from them? Who makes that inexpensive radio you listen to? How can your favorite pair of shoes sell for such a low price at a department store? Why do people feel compelled to purchase an infinite amount of lipsticks if they don’t need them? Why do we shop so often and spend money on so much’.stuff?

How can all of those questions and more be summarized in just 20 minutes?

Watch ‘The Story of Stuff’ at It will make you think twice the next time you go to make a purchase.

You may start asking the questions, ‘Do I really need this?’, ‘Can my money be put to better uses?’, ‘Where does this product come from?’

This short film could save you money. It could break your shopping habit. You might even discover a new way to help save the planet!

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