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Toyota Expands Green Efforts Beyond Its Vehicles

The Toyota Prius is one of the best-selling hybrids on the market because it has consistently received top marks for customer satisfaction.

But did you know that Toyota goes beyond greening just its cars with other eco-friendly conservation efforts?

From creating green rooftop tiles to planting shrubs that absorb pollution, Toyota is making a name for itself in the green movement.

Green Rooftops

The people at Toyota created a subsidiary of the Prius car company called Toyota Roof Gardens. The company basically makes gardens for your roof!

green roof tiles

The products are green roof tiles that are cut into squares of 50 x 50 cm that grow a Korean grass known as korai shiba. All you have to do is lay down the tiles next to each other on your roof and you have your very own green abode!

The tiles even have a built-in irrigation system made of tubes that flow beneath the roots and water the grass.

The tiles are very lightweight and easy to carry, and they only need to be cut once a month.

The mats are $43 per tile and have to be ordered from the facility in Japan. Right now the site is in Japanese, so if you’re curious you can check it out here.

Pink Flowers

What does a car company have in common with a shrub? Well, the desire to rid the air of pollution!

And that’s exactly what the Toyota Motor Corporation has done with their new variation of a pollution-absorbing cherry shrub.

kirsch plant

Known as Kirsch Pink, this shrub absorbs 1.3 times more nitrogen and sulfur dioxide that the regular cherry shrub, and it can last as long as the beginning of summer to the end of autumn.

Toyota hopes to market this along with its green roof tiles as a way to reduce pollution and improve air quality in cities.

You can read more about the Kirsch Pink shrub here.

New Buildings

Toyota is also planning to build an eco-friendly plant in Blue Springs, Mississippi. It is the first in four plants that will follow sustainable practices.

The plant will use:

  • Solar and wind power
  • Shorter conveyer lines
  • Line-side recycling
  • Energy-efficient lighting

It is scheduled to start production next year.

toyota logo

You can read more about the building here.

As you can see, Toyota is giving other car manufacturers a run for their money when it comes to green efforts.

It’s great to see car companies go beyond producing green vehicles and actually work towards improving other areas of people’s lives that affect both their health and the future of the environment.

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