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Why My Feet Are Green

I often find it challenging to recommend a company to others whose values incorporate the makings of a truly sustainable business. I do not offer advice about where to shop, unless I am certain that the business from which I purchase my goods goes beyond making a profit.

It is vital that a sustainable business, be it local or large, maintain ethics and standards that do not compromise the triple bottom line: Economics, Equality, and Environment.

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Greenfeet is a company that absolutely deserves recognition. Greenfeet is a primarily online-based business, with products found at When the owners at Greenfeet consider which products to carry, they carefully consider how the items offered could make the world a better place, could make your life easier, and could provide you with healthier surroundings!

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Greenfeet carries a variety of hard-to-find products such as environmentally-friendly kitchenware, bedding, composters, jewelry, household cleaners, water filters, detergents, reusable bags, children’s toys, birdhouses, energy-efficient lighting, hemp products, personal hygiene items, and much more!

The staff at Greenfeet is knowledgeable and caring. The folks at Greenfeet practice the popular saying ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This means customers are treated fairly and ethically.

It is as important to Greenfeet staff that they learn from their customers, as it is that they inform their customers.

How do I know all of this to be true? I am a proud Greenfeet employee! If you think that makes me biased, then please don’t take my word for it. Look at for yourself. Have a little fun exploring your eco-friendly side and get your feet green!

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