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Did you know that you contribute to global warming every day, regardless if you try to or not? You drive a car to get to work, you leave the lights on when you’re not home and you buy products that require the burning of fossil fuels in order to be mass produced. All of your daily activities produce carbon dioxide emissions.

So how can you reduce your carbon footprint and make changes in your lifestyle to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide you produce? You can use a carbon footprint calculator to figure out what activities you do that contribute most to your carbon footprint. You might be surprised just how much you are aiding the process of global warming.

The following are some sites where you can calculate your carbon footprint:

Be Green Now Calculator Calculator

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Climate Crisis Carbon Calculator

Environmental Protection Agency Personal Emissions Calculator

MSN Carbon Emissions Calculator

The Nature Conservancy Carbon Footprint Calculator

Safe Climate Calculator

See Green Now Calculator

Terra Pass Calculator

If you want to decrease your carbon footprint and learn how to live an eco-lifestyle then you need to first start by calculating your carbon dioxide emissions. Once you know what you’re doing wrong, then you can make positive changes that will leave both you and the environment healthier and happier.